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  • Search helpAbout Campaigns 
    1.  What are campaigns?

      Campaigns are actions you have to take to receive money. Campaigns will include:

      •Participations in raffles

      •Participate in surveys

      •Playing Online Games

      •Registration in communities

    2.  Why does my participation not appear?

      The detection of some participations can sometimes take a few minutes to several hours.

      In the Campaign list, you can see how long the tracking of a campign takes on average.

      If these times have been significantly exceeded, and your participation is still not detected, make sure you have clicked the confirmation email and entered correct informations while participating.

      Most partners will filter registrations with 'Mickey Maus' as a name so your participation can not be tracked in case you do not use your real name.

      You also need to turn off all kinds of Adblocker!

      In addition, you can not participate with any so-called 'trash Mail' provider. These are providers that provide you an email address only for a small period of time and then automatically delete them. These or similar methods based e-mail providers often get deleted by our partners, so we are unable to track your participation.

      If you you nevertheless are sure that your participation is completely finished and your data was correct, please contact our support.

    3.  Can I use my 'Trash-mail'?

      So-called Trash-mail providers are not allowed.

      Not when registering in GProfit or when participating in campaigns.

      A Trash-mail provider is someone who provides mailboxes only for a small period of time with no possibility of identification (no passwords, everyone has access).

    4.  How many user accounts are allowed?

      Per person only one account is allowed.

      Due to the fact that campaigns are blocked for security by IP and not by user account, additional user accounts provide no advantage.

    5.  May be other family members sign?

      Per household only one account is allowed!

    6.  Do you have referral levels?

      Yes, we have 3 Referral levels.

      Level 1 -> 10 %

      Level 2 -> 3 %

      Level 3 -> 2 %

    7.  What are "refs"?

      Users that register because of your advertising are called referrals. In the menu under "referrals" you can find several ways to advertise friends or strangers.

  • Search helpAbout Payment 
    1.  When will I receive money?

      If you have participated in an campagin correctly, you will usually receive your money within a few minutes. Participations also appear in your statistics and transaction list.

      In rare cases it can take up to 60 minutes until your participation is tracked.

      If your participation has not yet been detected, even after 60 minutes and you're sure that you took part in the campaign correctly, please contact us. Please enter the date and the campign and we take look into the cause.

    2.  Where can I see the costs?

      Our principle is that you can only make money here. Both the use of GProfit as well as all actions are offered 100% free.

    3.  How can I change my personal details?

      Your address can be partially changed in the GCenter.

      Your first and sur name can not be changed by you. You have to contact the support to make any changes regarding your name.

      Please note that your address data for fiscal reasons must be correct!

    4.  Why do I need to provide my address?

      Don't worry, we will not provide your personal details to any third party.

      We need your address for tax reasons.

      We must prove to the tax office who we did pay money to.

    5.  How can I withdraw my money?

      Your balance can be paid out via bank transfer, EU Bank transfer or PayPal.

      We are working on the integration of additional payment methods.

    6.  When will I receive my payment?

      Withdrawals can be made until sunday at 20:00 clock.

      In exceptional cases or on special occasions even outside the normal rhythm.

    7.  How long does it take for the money to show up in my bank account?

      The payment by bank transfer in germany usually takes 2 days. To other european countries up to 5 days.

    8.  I didn't receive any money via Paypal. Why is that?

      Should the status of your payment still be "open", the fault is on our side. If the payment is already "completed", you should contact Paypal or our support for further guidance.

      To find the problem, you should check your mailbox for mails from PayPal.

      You should find an email in which you have to confirm the payment from us.

      After you have confirmed the link the money will automatically be credited to your PayPal account.

      If you still have problems with the PayPal payment please contact us by our support ticket system.

  • Search helpAbout Other 
    1.  What is "faking"?

      "Faking" means to participate in a campaign with false personal information on purpose to earn more money.
      This includes fantasy informations, informations of other persons, or trash emails.

      Of course this behaviour is prohibited and will be punished with account deletion as well as setting the account balance to 0.

    2.  Can I report a user or website that advertises faking?

      Yes, please contact our support to report such behaviour.

      We will check the allegations and if your suspicions should prove true, we reward you with € 0.50 for each reported website / user!

      Of course we treat your information strictly confidential!

    3.  I have discovered an error in the campaigns which results in an unfair advantage for other users!

      To fix those errors please dont hesitate to contact our support by phone or ticket system.

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