General Terms and ConditionsGeneral Terms and Conditions

  1. Preamble

    Rika NetMarketing GmbH operates a free platform, hereafter named “GBonus” which makes it possible to participate in a cash-back program. The platform is located at two internet addresses, and Here, GBonus makes various offers from advertising partners available to registered members, hereafter called “members”. Those who call up GBonus outside the member area are hereafter called “visitors”

  2. § 1 Applicability

    (1) These general terms and conditions apply exclusively to every business relationship between GBonus and its members.

    (2) The use of GBonus is afforded exclusively to natural persons who enter into a contract without its requiring any commercial or professional activity on their part.

  3. § 2 Membership

    (1) Use of GBonus requires a prior cost-free registration as member. Membership is only afforded to unrestricted, legally competent persons of legal age living in the United Kingdom. Membership is forbidden to judicially recognized as well as unnatural persons.

    (2) Only one membership account per household is permitted.

    (3) There is no entitlement to a membership account.

    (4) Membership accounts are not transferrable and are tied to the natural person who carried out the registration.

    (5) This contract and the membership account connected to it can be cancelled by either party without notice.

  4. § 3 Registration

    (1) The registration is cost-free.

    (2) Upon registering, the visitor is obligated to specify a user name. The user name may not violate common decency or give the impression of being a part of GBonus’s administrative or technical teams. The visitor is further obligated to enter his e-mail address as well as a password. The e-mail address must be accessible over the long term and may not be a one-time or disposable address.

    (3) Passwords will be stored, encrypted with current technology.

    (4) After sending the registration form, the visitor will receive a confirmation e-mail, a so-called “Double Opt-In” e-mail or “DOI” for short. Only after clicking the confirmation link in the DOI e-mail, does the membership take form.

    (5) With creation of the membership, the visitor agrees to the receipt of e-mails from GBonus.

  5. § 4 Campaigns and shops

    (1) Campaigns as well as shops are offers from GBonus’s advertising partners. Members can make purchases in the shops or participate in campaigns; these can be product tests, registration for newsletters or playing online games. In exchange, the member is offered remuneration. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage off a purchase, for example. Specification of percentage remuneration at online shops applies to the net shopping cart.

    (2) Campaigns are, to the extent they are not described otherwise, free-of-charge.

    (3) Members must log in at GBonus with their user name and password in order to access the member area. Campaigns and shops can only be seen in the member area.

    (4) Members are forbidden to tell others outside of GBonus about campaigns, shops, remuneration, as well as special offers from the member area; nor are they permitted to disseminate information or screenshots pertaining to GBonus.

    (5) GBonus is entitled to add and remove campaigns and shops as well as modify their remunerations at any time.

    (6) There is no entitlement to access every campaign or every shop. It is up to GBonus’s discretion which campaigns and shops are made available to which members.

  6. § 5 Participation in campaigns and compensation

    (1) The remuneration occurs after completion of an activity established for every campaign or every shop. A campaign is customarily concluded with the confirmation of the advertising partner’s Double-Opt-In e-mail. The remuneration for a shop takes place after the completed purchase in each shop.

    (2) The remuneration takes place immediately, as long as there is no statement to the contrary.

    (3) The actual amount of remuneration depends on the individual campaign and can deviate from the amount shown.

    (4) Advertising partners can, for example, refuse remuneration in the case of false statements made during registration for a campaign or returned goods for a shop. Members should take note of the terms and conditions of third-party providers. GBonus can charge the member’s account post facto for rejected remuneration.

    (5) GBonus has no influence on waiting times and validations on the part of its advertising partners.

    (6) The recognition and assignment of remunerations requires the correct technical submission of data on the part of GBonus’s advertising partners, agents and networks. That is why GBonus cannot guarantee the correct recording of remunerations. Follow-up posting requests can be placed via a Support-Ticket system.

    (7) GBonus bears no liability for damages that result from participation in campaigns, the purchase of products and visiting the websites of the advertising partners.

  7. § 6 Link-to-friend

    (1) For every available campaign, the member obtains his own link, hereafter called “link-to-friend” which can be allocated to other persons for purposes of participation. The member is obligated to convey the link-to-friend exclusively to persons who comply with the conditions specified in § 1 and § 2.

    (2) Participations via links-to-friend are subject to the same remunerations and terms and conditions as the member’s own participation.

    (3) Members are liable for the participations conveyed over their links-to-friend.

    (4) It is forbidden to disseminate links-to-friend in publicly accessible parts of the internet. Exceptions must be confirmed in writing by GBonus.

  8. § 7 Recruiting new members

    (1) Members can recruit new members via the links made available to them. For recruited members, hereafter known as “recruits”, the recruiting member, hereafter referred to as “recruiter”, receives a recruiting cost reimbursement which is calculated as a percentage of the revenues generated by the recruit.

    (2) GBonus is entitled to adjust or completely eliminate the percentage remuneration of the recruit’s revenues at any time. Members can see the current value in their member area.

    (3) Particular campaigns as well as special remunerations can be excluded from the calculation of the recruiting cost reimbursement.

    (4) The remuneration takes place at 10 minutes after midnight every day for the prior day.

  9. § 8 Disbursement

    (1) The disbursement of remuneration can only occur into a bank account in the recipient’s country of residence as well as into accounts registered at PayPal.

    (2) GBonus reserves the right to deduct from the disbursement, fees that GBonus has to pay as a result of the disbursement.

    (3) Disbursements take place a maximum of 7 workdays after application. GBonus reserves the right to adjust this deadline at any time.

    (4) In order to be able to produce a legally compliant credit note, members must provide their current residence in order to receive their remuneration. In the event of false statements, GBonus reserves the right to suspend or decline the disbursement. Members are obligated, in the event their residence changes, to correct this at GBonus as quickly as possible and at the latest, before the next disbursement.

    (5) For violation of these terms and conditions or the terms and conditions of its advertising partners, GBonus reserves the right to reduce, suspend or decline the disbursement.

    (6) The minimum disbursement amount is 5 €.

  10. § 9 Other Conditions

    (1) Should individual provisions of this contract prove to be unworkable, it will not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In place of the unworkable provision, an effective provision will be found that comes as close as possible to the semantic content of the unworkable provision.

    (2) German law is to be applied to this contract exclusively.